1. Because the operative parties referred to in this policy are Company and you, the user of this site.

Estoril Escorts, Estoril Call Girls.

1.1 First of all is the publishers and/or operators of various websites. And are hereinafter referred to collectively as “Company.” When first-person pronouns are used in this Policy (us, we, our, ours, etc.). These provisions are referring to.

Estoril Escorts, Estoril Call Girls

as applicable. Additionally, when the terms “The Site” or “Site” are used.
These terms refer respectively to Sites published. Or operated by Estoril Escorts as applicable.

You, the User.

1.2 Therefore the user of this Site. This policy may refer to the user as “you”. Through any second-person pronouns, such as “yours,” etc.

Potential Models.

1.3 Also some individuals access the Site for the purpose of applying to become an Model on the Site.
These individuals are considered “Users” as defined here under.


1.4 Furthermore as soon as a Potential Models establishes an advertising account with us by.
Among other things, agreeing to our Model agreement. Such individual is deemed to be an Model notwithstanding whether such individual has prepared or published an advertisement. This Privacy Policy does not apply to non-Users.
Models are not considered “Users” as defined here under and are governed by the Model agreement. Find our Estoril Escorts here.

This Privacy Policy.

1.4 Also describes how we use information received about you when you visit our Site or when you subscribe to.
Otherwise use our online services. This Policy does not cover any information that we may receive from.
About you through channels other than through the use of the Site.

Revisions To This Policy.

1.5 Finally we reserve the right to revise, amend.
Modify this policy and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. You should periodically check for any modifications of this Policy by re-visiting this web page and using the “refresh” button on your browser. If you can not agree please leave now.